Layer Your Fashion

These are the people we think of as being able to carry anything on them ‘naturally’. Layering is one of the secret weapons of men who pull off this effortless cool. They use this technique – one of the most important and handy ones – layering. However, just like all other rules, these can and should be broken according to your taste.


Moreover, it’s not just about looks here. Layering is a necessity in some weathers and this style evolved from that need and has worked wonders ever since.

1- All unique layers – which means all the layers should be capable of pulling off an independent look, nonetheless. Pairing them together will work, but just to layer something that doesn’t work on its own has very good chances of working together with anything else either.

2- Thicker outside layer – this is a very natural rule as you add up layers to keep warm, so it makes sense. Wearing a heavy inner and backing up with a thin outer layer looks silly.

3- Darker outside layer – this one rule is meant to be broken if you have a lighter layer that you feel works well with a darker inner. Please go for it. But just in case you can’t find the right balance, look no further and follow this one.


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