Your Athleisure Look

Athleisure is the blend of comfort with style. Wearing sportswear with something easy and casual has never been more in fashion. Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable enough to hit the gym in the same attire you go out for coffee wearing? Well, it doesn’t mean you have to, but the ease hits all the highs on the rare co-existence comfort and elegance.


Though it may sound a little confusing as to how to practically mix these two styles of sports and casual streetwear together, it is relatively simple. Here are some ways you can do it:


1- Let’s start with the Mufti Denim Jacket. You can slide this over your sportswear and get the perfect look for a stroll with friends.

MFJ 502 - 1 Indigo Price 3999 - 1

2- The bomber is the game when it comes hitting the clubs at night. Slide on a slick bomber jacket in technical fabrics like polyester and nylon on a graphic printed or plain t-shirt and Mufti jeans joggers with sneakers and you’ll be owning your comfort with style.

3- Mufti’s Urban polo t-shirts work for all athleisure lovers out there. Pair these t-shirts with Mufti jeans and joggers and Mufti footwear for easy yet expressive look.

4- Did we mention zip-up sweatshirts? Yeah, they come out of the closet regardless if you’re going to the gym or not. Reason? Because they look so darn cool with anything!

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