The Military Shirt

Originally inspired by the off-duty clothing worn by our men in uniform, Mufti leads the way in Military styling. Studying the many details in uniform over the years we reinterpret and appropriate these elements across our shirts and cargos. Military clothing has effortlessly lent itself to urban fashion.


Every year we see new trends stemming out of this branch of men’s fashion. The jackets, suits, chinos, t-shirts, shorts – the green, khaki or camo fabrics have taken over men’s strolls, be it to the gym or just a casual walk down the lane.

However, the Military shirts are still quite fresh and are great casual workhorse. Being expressive and bold, here are a few style tips.


1- Mufti military shirts can be paired with Mufti’s washed DDL jeans and sneakers for an Urban look. The contrast here really makes it stand out.

2- The stylish slim-fit Mufti olive green or Camo t-shirts work with cargos or chinos, and boots.

3- Layer them up with jackets- bombers of matching Khaki, Black or Olive to usher the winters in military-style along with the strong boots to keep the uniform feel at its apex while maintaining a chivalrous aura of the Military man.

These outfits are essential not just to remind us to never commit the folly of war again but in a way to celebrate peace with discipline and masculinity.

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