Straight, Narrow or Skinny, what’s your style today?

A pair of jeans is an essential piece of clothing in a man's wardrobe. It is also the most versatile pants a man could own. However, finding the ideal pair of jeans is an adventure. Endless options are available from colours to washes and different fits from comfortable & relaxed fits to slimmer ones; in different lengths. Wearing comfort is the most important factor of all and picking the right fit is the most important decision in your adventure.

Relaxed Straight Fit:

As the name implies these pants are straight from the hip down to the legs and all the way to the opening. This fit is relaxed across the thighs and hips, with adequate room from the knee to the ankle for maximum comfort. This classic style will never go out of fashion, regardless of your body type. If you're unsure which jeans to buy, this style is ideal because it's neither too tight nor too loose, and the mid-rise waist is neither too high nor too low.

Narrow Fit:

These pants are just a bit roomier at the hip and thighs and gradually narrow towards the opening. To give a comfortable and slim silhouette these jeans are tapered from the knees to the leg opening. This pair of jeans is comfortable when made in stretch denim.

Ankle Length:

The ankle-length jeans are designed for people who like a skinny fit but are slightly cropped to stop at, as the name suggests, the ankle. This fit is also great for you if you find yourself forced to alter the length of the jeans. It feels terrible to lose out on the detail at the cuff of the jeans, and it can be quite the conundrum. Well, this fit is perfect for you. Wearing this length with a little of your ankle showing is the best way to give your silhouette the appearance of greater height.  The cropped-length, ankle-fit denim jeans are ideal for summer-all-year weather like India.

Skinny Fit:

The snuggest of all fits a well-fitting pair of skinny fit jeans will stick close to your body like a second skin. Skinny fit jeans are tailored to let you enjoy a close fit throughout the leg for an extremely smart silhouette. Skinny fit jeans have become a modern essential – one you can pair with a tucked-in formal shirt at work or as your go-to bottom for when dressing up for the weekend.

Super Slim Fit:

The most popular choice for Indian men, super slim fit jeans do an effortless job of making you look good. They are roomier than a skinny fit that tapers from the knee to the ankle with a larger opening. This is flattering for the average man who is wider at the thighs and narrower at the calves which allows the wearer increased freedom of movement making it a perfect choice if you are in the market for a pair of do-it-all denims.

Carrot Fit:

The carrot fit, as the name suggests, is wider across the waist, hips, and thighs, with a dropped crotch, maintaining the snugness of a skinny fit below the knee. These jeans are the next best thing and meet all of the criteria. Because carrot-fit jeans have a low rise, they sit a few inches below the waist and closer to your hips, they are roomier and more comfortable for the average body size.

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