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A well-made pair of denim jeans is an essential staple in every gentleman's everyday wardrobe. Like a reliable companion, denim effortlessly weaves its way into every season, maintaining its status as a timeless and go-to choice. With its unmatched durability and versatility, denim has become a must-have item that seamlessly adapts to any occasion or mood.

Originally dyed from Indigo cultivated in  India, denim jeans have a rich cultural history. From their humble beginnings as boiler suits (or as we know them, ‘dungarees’) for Italian sailors that were originally being manufactured in Mumbai's Dongri area, denim has evolved into an iconic fashion statement for every age group. It has come to be known as the epitome of effortless style, providing a touch of sophistication and ruggedness to any outfit.

During the Gold Rush, there arose a need for durable pants among the miners using tent canvas to create garments. Over time, the fabric was switched to denim, and the addition of copper rivets to the pocket seams perfected the design. This marked the birth of the classic American-style denim jeans. It has since embodied the essence of rugged American fashion and remains an enduring essential in every gentleman's wardrobe.

Mufti's Denim Deluxe jeans range takes inspiration from this rich history and offers a more luxurious and modern version of denim jeans. Curated for the polymath man who likes to do it all, the Denim Deluxe range by Mufti offers a blend of comfort, style, and affordability.

Whether heading to the office, going out with friends, or running errands, Mufti's Denim Deluxe range has got you covered. These jeans can be effortlessly styled for any occasion, allowing you to express your personal style while maintaining a refined and put-together look.


Shirt | Denim Deluxe Jean

For occasions where the dress code says elegant, opt for the BOM-054 Ankle Length DDL in the colour Dark Indigo Blue and pair it with an White & Multi Geometric Print Shirt In Cotton and show up to work in an ensemble that not only makes you look put together but also allows you to layer this with a lightweight blazer.  


Shirt | Denim Deluxe Jean

Embrace the versatility of denim and make it an integral part of your everyday wear, adding a touch of timeless charm to your wardrobe. Choose from a range of styles and fits, with each indigo-coloured piece weaving a timeless tale of graceful nonchalance, with Mufti’s Denim Deluxe range of denim jeans. Wear our BOM-053 Skinny Fit DDL in the shade Jet Black for a music gig with your friends and pair it with our Navy Textured Plain Shirt In Cotton, a perfect pick for days when you want to make a statement and still look classy.  

Shirt | Denim Deluxe Jean

For your next Sunday brunch, pair our BOM - 051 Olive Narrow Fit DDL Stretch Jeans with the White Floral Print Shirt In Cotton to exude effervescent style that is undeniably alluring and effortlessly cool. Together, this pairing creates an effervescent style that effortlessly captivates attention. The combination of these jeans and the stylish floral shirt showcases your fashion-forward approach while maintaining an air of undeniable allure. This ensemble effortlessly embodies the cool and effortless vibe you desire, making it a perfect choice for a Sunday brunch where you want to make a stylish statement.

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