Flyweight Jeans: Swing Back In Style

One could argue, jokingly, that the biggest calamity of the pandemic and resultant work-from-home culture has been denim jeans for men. Zoom meetings normalised a pandemic of its own – shirts and boxers, suits and shorts, t-shirts and pyjamas and more. Now, with back-to-work rapidly approaching, it’s time for the diehard denimheads to get back into your pants.


Mufti Flyweight Stretch Denim is the ultimate fabric to aid you through this transitional period. Our collection brings together the comfort and performance of lycra with the looks and rigidity of denim in a range of fits designed for every occasion – streetwear, workwear and the great outdoors. It’s lightweight, and that minimises the effort in carrying one around as the Mufti Man slowly steps outside into the post-pandemic world.

Mufti Jogger Stretch denim is our celebration, in denim, of the athleisure style that has taken the world by storm. Designed to fulfil your need to relax, whether out on a stroll to walk your dog or read a book in a cafe around the corner, the Mufti Joggers for men help you do it in style. Choose between a range of indigo shades and washes for a style that best compliments an easy t-shirt for men or a sweatshirt for men as the early winter slowly sets in. Tailored to a super slim fit, Mufti Joggers for men ensure that you look good stepping outside the house unlike the more generous fit offered by traditional athleisure outfits. The flyweight stretch denim accentuates the comfortability of the denim to check all the boxes of a true jogger for men.


Nothing says easygoing athletic as well as cargo pants for men, and Mufti Sports Fit Cargo denim is here to strengthen that proposition in style. Cut with climbing-inspired details, Mufti Cargo denim is our swanky take on the classic cargo trouser for men. Designed with two utility pockets on the thigh and a cuffed hem, Mufti Cargo denim is the ultimate diffusion of utilitarian cargo and the workwear virtues of denim. As always, the fit is paramount and the sports fit of the Mufti Cargo Stretch is cut to be relaxed and comfortable without ending up being unnecessarily big and baggy.

Mufti Stretch Ankle Length 5 Pocket Jeans for men is our refreshed take on the classic denim and the timeless style of a five-pocket silhouette. The flyweight stretch fabric elevates the comfortability of the denim to match up to its longevity and versatility. Cut to ankle length, the five-pocket denim looks sportier than ever in an ergonomic fit that is ready to take on every urban adventure waiting for you. Available in a wide range of light and dark washes, in indigo and in black, the Mufti Stretch Ankle Length Five-Pocket Jeans for men is our signature jean of the season.

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