Finding Your Denim Fit: Super Slim vs Skinny

A good pair of denim jeans is a men’s wardrobe staple and the most effortless piece of clothing any man could own. Yet, ironically, shopping for the right pair of jeans can become a daunting task. From colours to washes to the level of distress, the infinite choices of how a pair of jeans look is already worrying enough before you get confused about how the denim jeans fit your specific body type. Wearing comfort being the most important factor of all, picking the right fit is also the most important decision in your purchase journey.

Don’t panic, because we at Mufti are here with a comprehensive guide to the most popular denim fits – how they are tailored, what works best for your body and what distinguishes one from the other. In this first part, we help you understand the difference between two of the most popular choices – super slim fit and skinny fit. While they may sound similar, they are anything but. Find the fit that is right for you, head over to our website or a store near you, and grab your next favourite pair of denim jeans.


The snuggest of all fits, a well fitting pair of skinny fit jeans will stick close to your body like a second skin. Skinny fit jeans are tailored to let you enjoy a close-fit throughout the leg for an extremely smart silhoutte. Skinny fit jeans have become a modern essential – one you can pair with a tucked in formal shirt at work or as your go-to bottom for when dressing up for the weekend. If you are looking for additional flexibility, consider Mufti’s Skinny Fit Denim De Luxe Jeans – our signature cotton stretch denims that will give you added flexibility without having to compromise on style. If you want to show off a sleek streamlined look, skinny jeans are perfect for you and a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.



The most popular choice for Indian men, super slim fit jeans do an effortless job of making you look good. They are roomier than a skinny fit that tapers from the knee to the ankle with a larger opening. This is flattering for the average man who is wider at the thighs and narrower at the calves which allows the wearer increased freedom of movement making it a perfect choice if you are in the market for a pair of do-it-all denims. Mufti’s Indigo Blue Super Slim Fit Flyweight Jeans are a great example of exactly that with the added bonus of being cut from a lightweight denim fabric that is perfect for everyday wear. You can pair these with a tee for the street or with an urban shirt for a weekend night out and look equally good.

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