How Many Are Too Many Pairs Of Jeans?

Jeans have become a staple in our fashion diet and many of us wear these daily. We wear them if we need to step out for a bit, hang out with friends or even go for a date. Jeans are the game. Yet it can be tricky to understand how many pairs do we need.


Moreover, with so many colours and styles available, it can be confusing to choose the right ones for your wardrobe. From ripped washed denim, to the white and the DDL Mufti jeans – it’s all variety. 

So how many pairs and what kind of jeans do you need?


1- Slim fit dark jeans – starting with the basics this one is the most versatile pair you can slide in for a quick outing, a date or even office. 

2- The white denim – yes, we went from basic straight to the apex but yeah one cannot miss out on the white jeans for the sake of pure sheer elegance. It can be tough to pull off for many, but if done right, this can be diamond in your wardrobe. 

3- The shabby pair – these jeans can be any shade, any style but must be comfortable. Your go-to for everyday errands need to keep you at ease.

4- The ripped cousin – Yes, these are a must when you feel the funk in you needs to come out for casual outings.


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