Pair these with your White Jeans

What to wear with white jeans? This can be a challenging question at times. Not knowing what to do when face with a white jean can deprive men who can rock the show and have them sticking to blue and blacks all their lives. 


But don’t worry, here we are to help you pull this off, and there will be no turning back. Moreover, with this all reflecting colour, the minimalist in you can take over. The following looks can be created from the simplest fabrics in your closet.

1. The Pale Shirt Combo

A blue, lime, lemon or any pastel bright button-up with or without stripes is a smart and easy way to get that smart look in place. It’s not too much, neither does it look frumpy, but it can mesh along so well that you’ll be able to wear the same outfit to a meeting followed by a stroll down the beach. Try pairing your white jeans with our linen shirts for a that Miami beach look.

2. The Rocker Jacket Combo

A camouflage or dark trucker jacket with the white jean is a game-changer along with boots. Though here the boots can be taken over by sneakers and paired with a bomber jacket for a more LA movie star look.

3. The White-White Combo

This is the reason you want to have a pair of white jeans in the wardrobe. A white shirt (or t-shirt) with a Shirt worn as a Jacket, with super elegant white jeans for men – now that is incredibly simple and yet inherently classy. Isn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Let’s kick the demon of doubt out of our hearts and usher in the style of the white jeans, now at and a mufti store near you.

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