Slim Fit Jeans

In general, there’s a lot of confusion in the jeans for men category about what “slim-fit jeans’ are. Well, to make it simple, these are the ideal fit for style and comfort with more space around the thighs than its skinny-fit cousin but just tight enough to wrap around the legs. However, the choice of fit depends on your body type. Please choose accordingly.

If you’re the slim fit Mufti jeans guy, let’s dive right into it!

When choosing a slim-fit, the first colour that comes to mind is a classic blue. But black and grey can redefine your style too. Secondly, there are a whole bunch of combinations the slim-fit blends with. The casual look with a white t-shirt, bomber and boots or the smart look with a shirt, anything from a Denim shirt to the flannel with oxford shoes; be the king of your choice.

The only thing to avoid with the slim-fit Mufti jeans is a belt, or anything baggy. The hippie side of you may not complement the sharp look that the slim is capable of.

Last, but not least, all of the above are just suggestions based on the majority of what works for most men. But it’s absolutely important to remember that those most men are not you. So feel free to break these rules whenever you see fit. And yes, don’t forget to wear your smile.

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