What to Pair with Skinny Fit Jeans

The Skinny Fit jeans have been under the radar for quite some time now for being exclusively for the hipster men. However, we are here to break that myth. Men can sport them almost any outing now. Let’s learn to style them.

1. With a Blazer

We thought we’d start with that which sounds the most absurd. Nonetheless, it works so well. The smart-casual look which the blazer – skinny fit Mufti jeans is perfect for business with a pinch of style.

Be it a short blazer, or a knee-length one, the skinny fit Mufti jeans, be it washed or deep indigo or even black – they work seamlessly.

2. With a Sweater

Go crazy with this one. The looser fitting Mufti sweaters compliment the skinny Mufti jeans just as much as the knitted fitting ones. The hip-hop vibe, or the smart vibe, you can do both with this combination along with some casual sneakers.

3. With a T-shirt

Don’t even get us started here. The plain t-shirt with different colours is the simplest and surest way to get the skinny fit jeans right. Have no time to think? Just slide on a plain tee on top of those jeans. The perfect fit works well, yes, but have you tried the slightly loose tees? They can rock that summer look with minor details at the sleeves or the hem.

There you go, don’t be frightened of what the fads are, create your own! Mufti online store has all you need for the Skinny Fit.

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