Finding Your Denim Fit: Straight vs Narrow Fit

A good pair of denim jeans is a men’s wardrobe staple and the most effortless piece of clothing any man could own. Yet, ironically, shopping for the right pair of jeans can become a daunting task. From colours to washes to the level of distress, the infinite choices of how a pair of jeans look is already worrying enough before you get confused about how the denim jeans fit your specific body type. Wearing comfort being the most important factor of all, picking the right fit is also the most important decision in your purchase journey.


Don’t panic, because we at Mufti are here with a comprehensive guide to the most popular denim fits – how they are tailored, what works best for your body and what distinguishes one from the other. In this third part, we help you understand the difference between two denim fits that are contest each other on being a man’s best friend and the most comfortable fit – straight fit denim jeans and narrow fit denim jeans. Both fits make for excellent workwear, the physical, laborious kind, which is where denim jeans first originated. Find the fit that is right for you, head over to our website or a store near you, and grab your next favourite pair of denim jeans.

Straight Fit

Let’s start simple. Straight fit jeans are precisely what the name suggests sound like – running straight from the hip down through the legs and all the way to the opening. This silhouette allows for a relaxed fit around the thighs and hips with enough room running down from the knee to the ankle for maximum comfort. No matter what your body type is, it is almost impossible to go wrong with this timeless fit. Straight fit denim jeans are just right; the fit is not too tight and not too relaxed, the mid-rise is generally not too high, not too low (hitting below the belly button but above the hips). If you really aren’t sure what you’re looking for, a straight-fit denim jeans like this Mufti Mid Blue Denim Deluxe Stretch Jeans are a great starting point and will have you acing daily style effortlessly.

Narrow Fit

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