Sweaters You Need This Winter

Hope is one of the most powerful human instincts, and Sweaters bear their origin to it. Coming from European descent, the men’s sweaters were knitted by wives of fishermen with heartfelt messages for their men’s courage and safety, while some were knitted to work as a homage to their victories in battle.


The Cable Sweaters are extremely stylish while the Breton striped sweaters owe their folklore association to Napoleon and the ruggedness of war. Mufti delivers sweaters in a modern acrylic and blended yarns. Round necks go with just about anything on a wintry evening while also keeping your comfort intact.

These fabrics are warm and cozy. They can be paired with Khaki Chinos or even the MUFTI cargos for an authentic feel. Whereas the ripped washed Denim Deluxe jeans with a darker shade of the sweater, covers the urban look with finesse. A bonus option being that the Cable Knit designs are beautifully complemented by MUFTI’s Corduroy Trucker Jacket, and the khaki and olive cargos. 


For the highlanders and their pleasant winters around the hills, a looser fit of these sweaters worn with narrow fit Denim Deluxe jeans are relaxed while also being innately authentic. The pure cotton sweaters work flawlessly as inners with maximum comfort for the slightly colder outings as well. The blend of the punk aesthetic of these fabrics associated with genuine humanity lends themselves to the MUFTI Man’s personality like no other.

A century and continents apart, here in Mumbai, the rich community of fishermen bear the same undefeated spirit. We at MUFTI believe the most personal, is the most global, hence, our homage to the Mumbai Fishermen through these sweaters is not only especially authentic but is also effortlessly global. This winter be the man of heritage wearing the fabric of humanity and hope. Head to to choose your sweater from our wide range.