Masked Hoodie – Into the New Normal

Sense, Style and Comfort go hand in hand at Mufti. The Hoodie can be worn anywhere and comes engineered with a mask pre-attached. Now you can never forget yours and are always protected! When you don’t need the mask, just let it hang stylishly as a cowl neck. The Masked Hoodie is also perfect for every motorcycle ride out into our smog filled towns. Available in the colour that works with everything.

As strolls around shops have turned into scrolls down screens and websites; preparing to step back into the great wide open, the once ruled, all a man sees is ‘Shirts for men’, ‘Jeans for men’, ‘Casual shirts’, etc. Though this could be the perfect staple of conveying a confident personality. Now the odds are unprecedentedly different. The New Normal calls for a change. The Masked Hoodie drives home the motto “Freedom to Breathe”.

Meeting friends after long? Planning to hit the sunrise with a jog? Headed out on a long ride on the bike? For those who will walk out into not just the new normal we bring you the Masked Hoodie.

With new challenges, comes a renewed vigour to conquer them. At home, or outside, don’t let the air stop you from breathing freely and winning boldly. Check out the Masked Hoodies at

#ReclaimYourBreath #BreatheNoEvil

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