Before it took over the streets, from London to New York City, the modern Men’s sweatshirt had its humble origins rooted in sportswear. They were developed when Benjamin Russel Jr., an American Football player, decided to replace an itchy, insulating wool pullover with something lightweight and comfortable in cotton. It is no surprise then, to learn that the brand that made the Men’s sweatshirt a household garment and earned the Men’s sweatshirt its due credibility was Champion – a sporting goods manufacturer.

And for a long time, Men’s sweatshirts remained exactly just that – sportswear merchandise that saw little visibility beyond the field. In India, the only way you could get access to one till as recently as the late ’90s was at either a Nike or an Adidas store. You would have been lucky to find one that did not have a big logo splattered across your chest or one that was available beyond the standard black, blue and white.

All this changed with the advent of social media and the cultural exchange it triggered. Today, thanks to Mufti, the humble Men’s sweatshirt is no longer humble. Available in a wide range of fabrics, colours, and prints, it packs the personality and character of the Mufti man and is a flag bearer of self-expression.

The Mufti Men’s Sweatshirt collection reflects the indomitable spirit of our brand as it has grown and spread its wings since the turn of the century in 1998, a landmark year, that resonates through our collection. Embroidered, big and small, you see Airborne – a reflection of the free-spirited dreams that defines not just Mufti but also those of all our patrons. Mufti’s logo, a bird in flight, harks to the freedom of the unbounded sky just like our name. Constantly creating. Constantly transforming. Constantly evolving.

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