Introducing Mufti’s A/W 2022 Collection

With warm temperatures, overcast skies and humid weather slowly passing us, one can already begin to feel the temperatures falling. Winter, well the mild Indian winter most of us experience is finally around the corner. Add to that a packed holiday season with countless family gatherings and celebrations coming up in the next few months.


Now that we have a good reason, it is the perfect opportunity to introduce Mufti’s autumn-winter collection that is now available online and at a store near you. Many months in the making, this year’s collection packs elevated apparel choices for you to start building your wardrobe around.

Lightweight Jackets

If you are someone who likes to layer up, a good (and practical!) jacket is the first step towards building a solid winter wardrobe. Whether you are shopping for the transitional period between the seasons or staying in a part of the country where it is kind of cold but also kind of not, these lightweight Mufti jackets are going to be your go-to choice for the season.

When the temperatures start going down and the air is crisp, these jackets offer just the right insulation for optimum warmth and cosiness without making you sweat. Mufti’s lightweight winter jacket pairs excellently with our everyday workwear collection this season – shirts, sweatshirts, tees or polos – to make a solid combination that will keep your style quotient always in check. In other words, this is a jacket you will be reaching out for every day of the week and for every occasion well into late winter.


Festive Corduroy

Mufti corduroy casual Shirts are an aesthetic nod to the rich opulence of the fabric while staying strongly rooted in everyday wear for the festive season. Mufti Corduroy Casual Shirt collection will a splash of colour while the rich fabric will add an elevated refinement to your fit. We believe the appeal of corduroy has less to do with either its rich history or that the soft, velvety fabric is one of the marvels of everyday apparel. The Mufti Man wears it because it makes him feel good and look good.

All Season Flannel

Mufti’s Flannel Shirt is a modern, contemporary twist on an icon that is beloved by the cowboys and lumberjacks of American wild, wild west. The brushed, cotton fabric has an excellent, soft hand-feel and keeps you as warm as you want to be. You can wear it on its own or layer it up on a base of a sweatshirt or a simple tee for a more rugged look. We, at Mufti, work with a unique lightweight flannel adapted to suit the versatility of winter in our country. Its wide-ranging appeal is just as alluring in southern India’s mild winter as it is comforting in the north’s freezing cold.

Season of Sweatshirts

If there is something that says effortless style in this season, it is the sweatshirt. A streetwear classic and perfect for all your casual outings, Mufti sweatshirts bring together comfortable fabric and a great fit with top-notch embroidered detailing for an all-season wardrobe essential.  Embroidered, big and small, you see Airborne – a reflection of the free-spirited dreams that define not just Mufti but also those of all our patrons. Available in a wide range of fabrics, colours, and prints, it packs the personality and character of the Mufti man and is a flag bearer of self-expression.

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