Autumnal Jewel Toned Staples you need this Fall

Burgundy stands out as a confident and bold choice, representing courage, passion, and positivity. Its deep tone symbolises transformation and self-expression. The modern Mufti man embraces this colour, reflecting innovation and individuality. Burgundy signifies unwavering confidence and a departure from the ordinary. It captures the essence of stepping into the unknown with conviction, rewriting the rules. Just as an artist wields a brush, the modern man embraces Burgundy as a statement of his journey. This hue embodies self-assuredness and the audacity to challenge the norm, moving ahead on his terms.


From the crimson accent of our logo on a solid shirt, to the audacious statement of a scarlet jacket that demands attention, Burgundy pulsates with life. It is the embodiment of the unspoken language of strength and the audacity to conquer the unknown. Amidst nature’s grand performance, Burgundy whispers a timeless truth: resilience is the heartbeat of progress, and passion is the compass guiding us through the seasons of life. As fall’s curtain call approaches, Burgundy stands as a testament that we are not merely bystanders, but the protagonists of our narratives, painting the world with our unique shade of boldness.


Urban Printed Shirt


Urban Printed Shirt Urban Printed Shirt




Introducing a refreshing twist to conventional work attire, the sophisticated and elegant retro geometric microprint shirt is here to breathe life back into mundane workwear. With its intricate yet playful design, this pattern stands as the antithesis of traditional office attire, infusing a sense of vitality and creativity. Transforming the nine-to-five routine into a canvas of expression, this microprint brings a dandy style statement to the forefront, encouraging professionals to embrace a new dimension of self-expression. Its versatility is unmatched—pair it with tailored trousers for a polished look, or layer it with a blazer to create a captivating ensemble that blurs the lines between formal and fashion-forward. In the realm of monotonous workwear, this print emerges as a vibrant and bold alternative, allowing individuals to redefine their workplace fashion with confidence and panache.


Floral Printed Shirt


Floral Printed Shirt Floral Printed Shirt




Grace yourself with this versatile masterpiece that seamlessly combines the bold allure of outlined florals with the delicate fluidity of watercolour flowers, resulting in a harmonious fusion that transcends convention. This creation paints an enchanting narrative of sophistication and vibrancy, perfect for the modern man. Whether you’re owning the dance floor or mingling in the glow of neon lights, this unique piece captures attention with its dynamic interplay of bold outlines and soft, dreamy hues. It’s a wearable canvas that encapsulates the essence of contemporary style and artistic expression, allowing you to leave a lasting impression that’s both unforgettable and visually mesmerising. Redefine the boundaries of menswear with this innovative amalgamation as you step into the limelight adorned in this exceptional garment – a true testament to the power of creative fusion in men’s fashion.


Grey Printed Shirt


Grey Printed Shirt Grey Printed Shirt




Make heads turn at your next upscale event with our Glitching Gateway Digital Printed Shirt, an embodiment of urban charm and cultural significance. This dynamic fusion of modernity and tradition weaves a captivating tale that honours Mumbai’s rich heritage while embracing its contemporary dynamism. Versatile enough for formal affairs and intimate evenings alike, this ensemble encapsulates a narrative of resilience and elegance, reflecting the essence of an ever-awake city and a brand deeply rooted in its core. Crafted with precision, this sophisticated piece is adorned with a print that draws inspiration from Mumbai’s indomitable spirit. The iconic Black Kite and the majestic Gateway of India are meticulously integrated into the design, representing Mufti’s sincere tribute to this pulsating metropolis. Step into the limelight wearing this ensemble and embody the spirit of Mumbai – a city of unyielding energy – while embodying the ethos of a brand that reveres it wholeheartedly.

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