Mufti’s Lightweight Summer Shirts

Summer-Spring is a time when flowers bear fruits. It signifies a fresh start, new beginnings and a beaming spirit of victory for the Mufti man. However, sometimes, this bright weather can get too hot and cause major discomfort hindering the cheerful atmosphere. But there has never been an obstacle the Mufti man can’t overcome. 

Mufti’s Fruits of Summer Lightweight casual shirts for men are an ode to nature’s strength and everlasting warmth. These extremely relaxed Mufti shirts are the epitome of ease and comfort for the hot season. Moreover, the bright striped patterns resonate with the brilliant spirit of the Mufti man which is inspired by the vivid ethos of Summer. The colours specifically used on the light fabric are cheerfully bright. The Royal Blue, Orange, Olive on the full-sleeved while Royal Blue and Red on the half-sleeved shirts make for an undeniably attractive range of cool casual shirts for men

These Relaxed Lightweight Mufti shirts for men, offer a slim fit that keeps you looking sharp while allowing the skin and fabric to breath the cool air, maintaining a sense of comfort throughout. Perfect for an evening or even a late afternoon walk on the beach, these Fruits of Summer do not always need to be paired with chinos or jeans for men, as they are effortlessly compatible with a pair of shorts too. The lightest solution to tropical problems – Mufti’s Fruits of Summer Lightweight Shirts for men are the Mufti man’s go-to for easy outings and relaxed brunches. 

Looking to lighten up this summer? Look no further than your nearest Mufti store or for Mufti’s Fruits of Summer Collection.

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