How to wear Camo in 2022

Of the many fashion statements that have emerged from the armed forces, the camouflage print as a graphic tee is one that has unquestionably surpassed its original legacy and now been adopted into the mainstream, everyday dressing – from being as omnipresent as the solid black tee to being dismissed as flashy macho. This was an unsettling thought for us at Mufti where we have always been inspired by camouflage print for bridging the gap, sartorially, between strictly utilitarian clothing and vintage aesthetics. Always the pioneer when it comes to breaking barriers and redefining the norm, the Mufti new camo polo shirt reimagines the camo print tee in a brand-new avatar this summer.

Not Just Another Tee

From the moment we first kickstarted designing this shirt, we knew that this new camo could not be a tee that could potentially be dismissed too easily as just another graphic print. We aspired to set up a high benchmark and the polo shirt let us do exactly that. Reinventing the camo denim jeans for casual Fridayas a polo t-shirt connotes a dressing style that is classic basic – elegant and humble in any environment. Mufti’s new camo polo shirt is a versatile asset in any man’s wardrobe and can be effortlessly worn on any and every occasion – pair them with a light coloured chino for a business meeting, with denim jeans for casual Friday, with a pair of khaki when exploring the wild outdoors and dare we say, even for the tennis court with the right shorts. The possibilities are truly endless.

Fashion over Function

While the camouflage print unquestionably originated to serve a function – aiding armed personnel to blend in with their environments, we are acutely aware that no one is purchasing a camo tee in preparation for guerilla warfare. This gave us the freedom to redesign the classic camo tee that is undeniably focused on fashion rather than function. Mufti’s new camo polo shirt features a bold, navy blue collar with an aesthetic contrast stitching on the placket and vintage-inspired bronze buttons – all of which hark to the authentic-inspired detailing of men’s shirting.

The New Camo

Adding a new-age twist to a print as iconic as the camouflage was no easy feat. Mufti’s new camo polo is a contemporary emulation, in hues of blue and white, of the Operational Camouflage Pattern synonymous with the armed force dressing. One would not be blamed if they were to think of this polo as the Air Force’s own camo – if they ever had one. Swapping the traditional shades of olive for blue allowed us to create a camo print that is truly as versatile as the polo shirt it is featured on. Add to that, the distinctive geometric print in shrouded olive and khaki and you have a print that camouflages camo – an excellent wordplay even if we say it ourselves. The Mufti new camo print truly expands the possibilities of what camo can be and paves the way for it to be sartorially relevant yet again.


Mufti’s new camo polo tee looks great on almost every man out looking to add a new pattern to his wardrobe without going overboard this summer. Find it online here or shop this shirt, along with everything new in Mufti’s Spring Summer ‘22 collection at a store near you.

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