Mufti’s Summer Athleisure

Over the last decade, athletic-inspired clothing has been a growing dominant force in fashion. Pop culture icons, from Kanye West in the west to Badshah closer home, have adopted sweats and hoodies as their go-to uniform everywhere. Whether you actually sweat in athleisure clothing or not, there is no reason for your everyday casual wear to miss out on the sophistication that traditional, tailored clothing offers. Mufti athleisure wear packs modernist design, bold colours and comfortable fabric in a single offering that will have you looking luxe even if you are only going to the gym (or pretending to).

Nothing says athleisure like a classic polo tee. Whether you are serving on the tennis court or taking a swing at the golf course or well… playing a round of polo, the polo t-shirt is a quintessential piece of men’s clothing with deep-rooted origins in sports. The humble polo t-shirt for men started as a uniform dress code, with a touch of versatility and comfort, on the field but is today a symbol of personalised self-expression and creative freedom. Take a peek inside any of the Indian startups making the news and you will quickly notice how effortlessly the polo t-shirt has replaced the erstwhile buttoned-up, formal shirt for men.

Today, athleisure wear is more than just sports utility wear that it originally set out to be. It is the men’s clothing trend that bridges the absence of fashion codes in our modern, urban lifestyle. Airport Look? Check. Sunday Brunch? Check. Indoor boardgame night? Check. Mufti athleisure wear reflects the contemporary urban environment – versatility, comfort and utility. It blends craftsmanship and intricate detailing – textured collar fabric and stitched striping with athletic inspiration – bold roman numerals and airborne badging to form an exciting combination for you to look your sartorial best in simple aesthetics.

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