Ivy League – a term that is synonymous with the academic excellence of elite colleges in North-eastern America also carries connotations to the preppy style of dressing that originated on the campus of The Ancient Eight. Ivy Style, as it came to be known, was over forty years in the making and today has come to represent an excellent style that is inter-generational – always in vogue whether you look back a year, a decade or even a century before. While the style defines everything from footwear to neckties and from khaki pants to flannel suits, we at Mufti found our inspiration in the unique stripes of the Oxford Button-Down shirts for men.

As the world resumes back to normalcy and we return to the office work desk, Mufti Ivy Style Striped Shirts make for the perfect outfit to mark this back-to-school emotion. Designed to add a collegiate flair to your everyday workwear, these button-down shirts for men can be as formal or as casual as you need them to be. Roll up your sleeves and pair this casual shirt with khaki trousers for the quintessential Ivy look.

A striped shirt is the easiest gateway to dressing up for a formal meeting at the office or a casual sundowner at the neighbourhood cafe. Whether you are buttoning up all the way and throwing on a suit or rolling up your sleeve and tossing it on a t-shirt, the striped shirt adds a dash of sartorial flair to your dressing on every occasion. The Mufti Ivy Striped Shirt is a bona fide classic for every season – layer it up for the winter and throw open a few buttons for the summer.

When it comes to styling patterns in menswear, the striped shirt seems to be just as obvious as an option as it is frivolous to be called a pattern. Unquestionably the most classic design motif in shirts for men the world over, the striped shirt is based on the simple geometry of parallel lines.


At Mufti, we pride ourselves on taking a refreshing and unique perspective on the classic and this casual striped shirt was no exception. Traditionally Ivy plaid colours of white, light blue and peach were substituted with mustard yellow, pastel blue and black for a more subcontinental style of dressing. Pairing Ivy Stripes with bold colours and asymmetrical stripes, we found the perfect visual appeal to add to your seasonal fare.

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