Mufti’s Summer Florals

“Florals are for women.”

“Florals are worn only by middle-aged men.” 

“Florals are worn only on the beach.”

“Florals aren’t for the masculine man.” 


All these baseless comments have been turned around to be proven false by confident men throughout the world in modern times. However, these taboos will prevail in our lives until we take a stand to and learn how to break them. Hence, this Summer, the Mufti man is here to give all the taboos a run for their buck.

Florals are the go-to this summer style for a man not just because they are stylish and creative but also because they are so very versatile and can be worn in numerous ways. Under a suit for a meeting in the most Urban way, over shorts on the beach in a Relaxed manner, with jeans for a badass Authentic look, and also with formal trousers or under a jacket for the urban or hip look. There’s a floral shirt for men for every place you need to be, at any time this season. The challenge however, is to be able to master it’s style which can only be done through dauntless confidence in oneself.

The comfort that comes with wearing the Floral as a man is irreplaceable. It’s about owning up to who you are within against all judgements from the outside. To expand the conservative idea of masculinity, the Mufti man unafraid of being labelled as eccentric, different or even a rebel is here to normalise the cool summer look of the florals in every aspect of daily life.

Ready to make new rules this Summer? Find the Floral for the Mufti man in you at the nearest Mufti store or now.

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