Modern Man Wears Pink


If the colour pink had its own Twitter account, the internet would be a steaming mess with trending hashtags highlighting the unfair gender stereotyping it has been subjected to in the past. In reality, though, the colour has always broken loose from its gender shackles with due credit to menswear designers (like our team at Mufti) and well-dressed men (that’s you!). It is a colour that is every bit as masculine as your blacks, blues and whites and when paired well, can be an exceptional colour of choice in the summer season. With the variety of options available in Mufti’s pink menswear collection this season, the biggest hurdle might not be deciding if you want one but rather which one or how many.

A Refreshing Workwear Shirt

Are you looking to incorporate new colours into your weekday workwear confidently? An easy trick to make dressing up effortless is to leverage classic patterns. Choosing timeless menswear patterns such as checks and stripes in a distinct shade of pink helps break monotony without going overboard. Rest assured of making a bold statement without having to be loud and is just the kind of rotation your workwear collection needs.

Weekend Vibe Essentials

An easy way to introduce a dash of pink hue into your dressing style is a relaxed casual weekend shirt. Specifically, these Mufti print casual shirts with a warm-weather twist. You can dress them down for a sunset by the sea or a day out in the park – wear them unbuttoned and paired with cargo shorts. Or, if your urban setting demands an evening at the club or a sit-down dinner, tuck them in and pair them with neutral, light-coloured chinos. The vibrant and bold print of these Mufti pink casual men’s shirts makes for a more persuasive creative statement to stand out from the crowd.

Keeping it Simple

Pink is really easy to wear. It can be as impactful or as pleasing as you want it to be. The secret lies in how comfortable you feel. If you are looking for something light, delightful and perfect for this summer season, then a solid pink shirt is the way to go. From a cotton linen fabric that is quintessential summer to a lightweight stretch fabric for flexibility of movement, there is something for every occasion. Whether you decide to wear these shirts on their own or pair it over a plan white tee, a solid pink shirt is sure to add a splash of creativity to your everyday basic.

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