There’s nowhere this summer that you can’t go wearing one of Mufti’s stunning Print Shirts. Be it dinner with friends, or brunch overlooking the sea, these prints will set you apart wherever you go. This season Mufti’s decided to bring you a whole new range of prints from Urban, Authentic, all the way to Relaxed Casual Shirts for men.

The bold floral and paisleys, the glamorous polka prints along with the sharp ditsy or geometric prints make for a wide range of designs for every mood and style.


The painstaking efforts of the artisans in designing these patterns and prints from scratch are what make these fabrics stand apart. The perfect symmetry of the Urban Prints with their clean lines and edges makes them ideal for a formal look where you want to make your mark while coming off as enigmatic at the same time. The minimal details, like that of the hidden logo in the pattern, are what set you apart from the crowd.

Moreover, the island wave prints inspired by the maestro Hokusai’s artwork is an ode to the islands of Mumbai carrying the energy and freedom of waves. Just like the movement of Mumbai, the movement of waves never stops. The Mufti man’s persona resonates with this undefeated and indomitable spirit and these prints stand out not just for their innovative patterns but also for this underlying theme.

These prints come in Casual shirts and also in Casual t-shirts. After all, t-shirts are in themselves relaxed and hence, coupled with the intricate patterns of Mufti’s Print Studio, they make for pathbreaking apparel. From the Geometric designs, which have their roots in urban, to the easier ones like the floral and paisley, all of them are hand-drawn from scratch and turned into fashion statements while smartly incorporating the Mufti logo.

So, want to stand out this summer? Just print it up with Mufti. Head out to one of our retail stores or check out all the designs at

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