Wear Anywhere Polo T-shirts

There’s a lot of judgmental flack against the polo t-shirts as being laid back and unimaginative or even the “grandfather fashion” for some, but as it turns out, there’s nothing that can’t be revamped. Moreover, something as blendable as the polo. It’s casual and smart at the same time. Nothing matches how versatile the Mufti polo t-shirt can be.

Revamping the Mufti polo t-shirts for you, we have a few innovative tips for this staple:

1- Choose a light Mufti polo t-shirt and pair it with light-coloured chinos and shiny white casual shoes to get you the maximum style in the formal look. It’s easy and yet slick, casual and yet serious. That’s the thing with polos, they allow you the best of both worlds.

2- However, with deep indigo denim Mufti jeans, you can pair the light Mufti polo t-shirt and sunglasses to sport the cool casual look while maintaining the masculine design of the collared t-shirt.

3- Just in case we’ve forgotten that joggers can be worn outside our bedroom, the Mufti polo t-shirts are here to remind us. These go effortlessly with joggers – checkered or plain along with loafers and sunglasses on a sunny morning.

The Mufti online store has the polos you’ve been missing, why not take a stroll on your browser and revamp that style.

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