Did Flannel Check for Winter?

Towards the colder months of the year, it can get dicey to choose your fabric and maintain your summer fashion quotient and more and more jackets become the staple and sneakers run around on every foot in the street. The Flannel Checkered shirts are your go-to if you want to stand out from the crowd.

However, it’s not that fewer people will be wearing this, because it’s a hit since the 90s, but you can definitely spice it up with our tips on styling the checkered flannel:

1- Flannels with Mufti’s jeans (the DDL jeans work flawlessly with the checkered flannels.) look perfect and you can pair the colours from the dark indigo DDLs to the more washed denim with a contrasting flannel. Whatever works according to your taste.

2- Flannel over T’s or Hoodies is making the winter revolution this year yet again like every year. Yes, you read that right – Flannel over hoodie. Let the hood fall back on the red flannel over your white hoodie. The trick is to wear sneakers that pull the whole look into a casual space and makes you look cooler than the weather.

3- This doesn’t mean Flannels can’t work on the inside. A leather jacket or a trucker denim jacket cover up the inner flannel with chinos of Mufti’s jeans joggers to express a warmer and cozy shade like nothing else.

Head to our to pair your flannels this winter with the bold fabrics for men.

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