Mufti’s Navy Story

When we think of military inspiration in everyday dressing our minds instantly paint an image of olive and khaki drawn from the armed forces. We often forget navy (blue), a dark shade in the spectrum of blue that, as the name suggests, finds its origins in the naval forces making this humble colour a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. A colour that has been in vogue since British seafarers set out to explore the world and has connotations to the greatest feats in history – from Napolean’s conquests around the world to the current Indian cricket team’s iconic jersey. If you were to believe that the colours we wear influence and reflect our personality, the stereotype for navy with authority, strength, and reliability are indispensable qualities in the modern man.

This summer, we at Mufti encourage you to pause raving over the classic light-coloured shades of blue and trade them for a bold navy to exude confidence and authority in your everyday life – whether at work or evening sundowner or on vacation. Mufti Navy Casual Shirts for Men are the sine qua non for any man wanting to stay in style this summer.

Thoughtfully crafted and thoroughly vetted, Mufti Navy Shirts Collection resonates with our mission to innovate on traditional patterns and design to enable our patrons to indulge in sartorial styles in comfortable fabric. From non-conformist check patterns and micro-prints to characteristic all-over-prints and striking stripes, there is a Mufti navy casual shirt to match every individualistic dressing style. 

Prepare to attract complimentary glances whether you are at work or an evening sundowner in the city with an air of à la mode swagger. For a formal look, style these Mufti navy shirts with light-coloured trousers in beige or white, a brown leather belt, and classic oxford shoes. Alternatively, stay unbuttoned, fold up your sleeves and pair these urban casual shirts with Mufti’s classic-coloured chinos or rugged denim to stay effortless casual. We are confident that either way, Mufti navy shirts for men will empower you to look dapper through the summer.

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