Reinventing with Mufti: Logo Printed Garments

In the symphony of brands, each one boasts a unique persona, etched delicately into the canvas of their logo. Mufti’s logo, reminiscent of Mumbai’s bustling streets, is the amalgamation of our core values and what we stand for. It paints vivid pictures of our soulful connection with fashion, weaving tales of boldness and freedom in every stitch. Beyond a mere mark, it’s an artist’s brush, an orator’s voice, and a poet’s pen, evoking untold stories of dreams chased and creativity unleashed, resonating deep within the hearts of those native to this eccentric city. This emblem holds a world of emotions, reflecting the spirit of our inception and the journey that unfolds in each garment—a symphony of symbols, metaphors, and cherished connections.


The Mufti Bird, gracefully spreading its wings, symbolizes yet another artful and creative endeavor by our brand to remain rooted in the essence of Mumbai—the city that defies description, a pulsating kaleidoscope of life. With our designs, we have sought to capture the vibrant and ever-changing spirit of this metropolis, embracing its dynamic energy and distinctive charm. In a symphony of ingenuity, we present a vast array of innovative and bold prints, a canvas of colours and patterns that mirror the city’s eclectic soul. From the graceful brushstrokes of timeless classics to the daring strokes of modernity, our designs resonate with Mumbai’s heartbeat. The Mufti Bird soars, carrying the legacy of craftsmanship, precision, and dedication that Mumbai has imparted to us. With premium and comfortable fabrics as our palette, we craft stories that celebrate individuality and self-expression. As the Mufti Bird takes flight, it embodies the spirit of reinvention and adaptation, mirroring Mumbai’s ever-evolving character. Our creations are more than garments; they are an ode to the spirit of this city, and a tribute to the diversity and charisma it exudes.


Logo Embroidered Polo T-Shirt


Logo Printed Casual Shirt  Logo Printed Casual Shirt 


Mufti takes pride in presenting an enticing array of logo-printed garments, each carrying its own distinctive tale. Among them, the Off White Logo Embroidered Polo T-Shirt stands as a mesmerizing reflection of the unbreakable bond between Mufti and Mumbai. The exquisite ecru-hued polo boasts a mesmerizing portrayal of the Black kite, a native scavenger, adorning delicate embroidery. Proudly clutching the Mufti logo in its majestic claws, it soars gracefully, epitomizing freedom. This captivating design harmoniously blends art and fashion, leaving a lasting impression of liberation and elegance. This captivating design serves as a heartfelt tribute to Mumbai’s profound influence on our brand’s identity. Beyond being clothing, the polo shirt weaves a narrative of shared experiences and aspirations, encapsulating Mufti’s soulful connection with the vibrant city streets.


Logo Printed Casual Shirt


Logo Printed Casual Shirt Logo Printed Casual Shirt


This Navy & White Bandana Print Slim Fit Casual Shirt embodies the spirit of Mumbai—a city that weaves its magic into our very being. This shirt stands as a testament to Mufti’s love affair with Mumbai, a love that we proudly wear on our sleeves, and in every carefully crafted detail of this one-of-a-kind garment. With every wear, this shirt tells a tale of heritage, a fusion of past and present, and an unbreakable bond with the maritime legacy of Mumbai. It’s a tribute to the resilience of the city that has weathered storms and sailed through turbulent waters, emerging stronger and more vibrant than ever. Show up to your next beachy vacation in this effortlessly cool shirt, and make a dandy style statement that exudes eternal summer style.


Graphic Print Logo Tee


Graphic Print Logo Tee Graphic Print Logo Tee


Don this White & Beige Graphic Print T-Shirt, an innovative creation by Mufti inspired by the popular tie-dye technique. This unique tee seamlessly weaves our brand’s logo into a multi-hued canvas, showcasing our continuous journey of creativity and reinvention. Crafted with care from 100% cotton, it ensures a comfortable and breathable experience, making it your go-to companion during sweltering summers and beyond. Versatile and stylish, this graphic print tee effortlessly complements your favourite sweatpants, elevating your everyday errands with a touch of fashion flair.

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