Sweatpants don’t sweat

Every fabric comes into being with a certain purpose. So did the sweatpants. They were meant for the sports and were used for sports alone for a long time, up until recently. What we’ve seen can be called the sweatpant revolution taking over our casual looks as they tend to be on every guy looking slick paired with all kinds of torso wear and shoes.

That’s how the sweatpants have replaced the casual trousers and become to the go-to legwear for a quick outfit hack. Moreover, the best part about these new sweatpants is that they blend with anything you wear. While keeping a definitive sporty flavour intact to them, they can give in to the rest of the things and their styles you pair them with.

They go seamlessly with t-shirts, to say the least. However, their match with a button-up shirt which you may think belongs only on the smart look fuses effortlessly with the sweatpants to give birth to a great smart-casual look. Sneakers are a must below and a jacket or blazer as you see fit for the occasion.

The only disclaimer here remains for the fit and colour. No matter how many styles come up, the fit of these pants your comfort and your choice of colour and combination determine exactly how it will carry on with your personality.

In our opinion, keep the chinos aside for a while and try on the Mufti Joggers from our Mufti online store.

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