How To Style Your Joggers

Comfort and style – that’s the killer mix the Joggers stand for. There are a million ways to style these joggers, new ones coming out every single day as we embrace the lockdown and pair the next thing of Mufti men’s clothing we find in our closet with our perpetual staple of the joggers.

Here are some of the styles we have found to work brilliantly while breaking the rules of conservative fashion!

1. Dress shirts

Jogger pants or sweatpants may seem like the only casual friendly apparel but they are a lot more than just that. Try on some light colours of joggers with matching shirts or try contrast, the style quotient is never to drop.

2. Blazers

Yes, there is no way you are wearing a shirt and not wanting to sport a blazer. We say go for it! But mix and match properly with casual shoes below the joggers of a matching shade with the blazer.

3. T-shirts

The sweatpants are originally the epitome of laid-back relaxing comfort, and what could be better than a plain t-shirt to complement it?

4. Denim Jackets

After the blazers, it would be hard to surprise you, but this one is a must-try if you already have it in the closet. Heading for lunch with friends? The t-shirt with light Mufti jeans joggers along with sneakers and a washed Denim trucker is the ultimate easy look!

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