Jogger Partners

Heading anywhere but the gym? Then the Mufti joggers are something you can surely sport – of course, the sporty gym look work effortlessly but we will also discuss the various other looks we should wear with these super comfortable sweatpants in our daily life.

1. The Minimalist Look

A sweatshirt along with Mufti jogger denims or plain sweatpants goes simply and yet elegantly giving the overall confident look. Don’t forget to add white sneakers to add the little bounce to this easy look.

2. The Jet Look

Choose one colour of Mufti jeans joggers or the sweatpant of your choice, and then mesh it with a t-shirt, sneakers and a track jacket of the SAME colour. Going all red or all black for example is the hard but essential look for the jogger statement.

3. The Layered Look

Joggers have the unique quality of blending in with the coolest looks and also the smart ones. Be it a weekend outing with friends or a date – this legwear gives everything else a run for its buck. Coupling it with a light Bomber jacket or even a trucker can turn the game around and make you beach ready in no time.

4. The Classic Sports Look

Who says sportswear is only for the ground or gym? These sweatpants along with the track hoodie and running shoes are the absolute homage to their origins while being perfect for the secular world as well. Nothing stops a man in uniform from shining.

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